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Hall of Fame

    The USA Bobsled & Skeleton (USABS) is proud to recognize those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the sports of bobsled and skeleton. Their dedication and commitment as athletes and supporters of the USABS will be forever honored through their induction into the USABS Hall of Fame.

    2020-2021 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Steve Mesler

    Tristan Gale Geisler

    Randy Jones

    Vonetta Flowers

    James "Nitro" Morgan

    Geoff Bodine

    2018-2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Jimmy Shea

    Curtis Stevens and Hubert Stevens

    Alan "Bob" Washbond and Ivan Brown

    Jack Heaton

    2016-2017 Hall of Fame Inductee

    Steven Holcomb

    2014-2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Katharin Dewey

    Howard B. Siler, Jr.

    Philip M. “Brown Bear” Duprey

    2013-2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

    John F. Morgan

    Bob Cuneo

    Frederick "Fred" Fortune

    2012-2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Mike Hollrock

    James Lamy

    Brent Rushlaw

    2011-2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Stanley "Stan" Benham

    Eddie Eagan

    Tony Carlino

    Brian Shimer

    Jill Bakken

    2010-2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Billy Fiske

    Jennison Heaton

    William Napier

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