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by Abby Slenker

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. (Oct 4, 2023) - USA Bobsled/Skeleton (USABS) announced today an official partnership with CRP USA.

With roots in Formula-1 (F1) racing, CRP USA specialized in 3D printing with the Windform family of high-performance materials, which were created in the late 1990’s by CRP Technology. The company produces on-car, wind-tunnel and end-use components for racing teams, automotive manufacturers, custom car creators and now sliding sports, namely bobsled components. CRP USA proudly produces all competents in the USA.

"We are very thrilled to be formally part of USABS’ family of technology partners,” Raman Ramakrishnan, Chief Commercial Officer CRP USA, stated. “Our customers’ challenge becomes our own—this is our motto and this is what we do. Sharing our knowledge and skills with USABS’s ones will give an incredible boost to this adrenaline-fueled sport!”

“USA Bobsled/Skeleton is excited to formally welcome CRP USA to our wonderful family of technology partners,” Marc Van Den Berg, Technology and Equipment Lead for USABS shared about the partnership. “With their innovative 3D printing Windform technology, we are looking forward to implementing these tools into our sled-building efforts”.

Some of the main sled components CRP USA will be assisting in the creation of are bobsled push handles, the pilot bar, the pilot seat, the brakeman seat and grip handles, although there are many more exciting innovations to come from this collaboration.



CRP USA, founded in 2008, is strategically located in the heart of NASCAR country in North Carolina, and specializes in additive manufacturing and 3D printing applications using Powder Bed Fusion process (Selective Laser Sintering) with Windform composite polymers fibers-reinforced. The company manufactures on-car and wind-tunnel components for racing teams, and has also taken this expertise to new heights to produce parts for the Space (Satellite and CubeSat structures), Defense, Industrial Robotics, Entertainment, Military, Commercial and GA fixed wing, Rotorcraft as well as UAVs and Automotive industries. 

About USA Bobsled/Skeleton

USA Bobsled/Skeleton is the national governing body for the sports of bobsled and skeleton racing in the United States. Based in Lake Placid, NY, USA Bobsled/Skeleton oversees the development and training of American athletes at all levels of competition.