USA Bobsled/Skeleton partners with Mananalu

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USA Bobsled/Skeleton partners with Mananalu


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Lake Placid, N.Y. (Feb. 12, 2020)– USA Bobsled/Skeleton (USABS) is proud to announce a partnership with Mananalu through June 2022. Mananalu is founded by Jason Momoa and encourages everyone to take a stand on single-use plastic water bottles. By offering water in an aluminum can, each can stands for one less plastic bottle polluting our oceans around the world. 

USABS is committed to Mananalu’s mission to reduce single-use plastic. Mananalu’s aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable, whereas only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled.

“We thank the USABS for standing for a better future by committing to help reduce single-use plastic,” said Managing Director at Mananalu David Cuthbert. “We are excited to keep the team hydrated while they chase gold!"

Mananalu is providing financial support to the team in addition to product for USABS athletes. Mananalu will be shipping water to bobsled and skeleton athletes competing in Europe, and also supporting athletes racing domestically in international and national competitions.

“Mananalu's commitment to our team is crystal clear. Not only are they providing a valuable and essential product to our athletes, but they understand the financial needs of our athletes,” said USABS Director of Partner and Sponsorship Development Michelle Knous. “We hope that others will be inspired by USABS’ commitment and will choose aluminum over plastic.”

The 2021 World Championships are taking place in Altenberg, Germany through Sunday. The team has already claimed one world title this year, and is favored to win additional medals this weekend.

"Mananalu is proud to partner with the US Bobsled and Skeleton teams,” Cuthbert said. “The teamwork they demonstrate in their pursuit of excellence is an inspiration to us all.”

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About Mananalu

Mananalu is on a mission to stop single-use plastic. Only 9% of plastic ever collected is recycled. By offering water cans as a truly recyclable alternative, with 75% of aluminum ever made still in use, Mananalu is getting plastic bottles off shelves and out of our oceans. A mission everyone can get behind. Sip radically, ride the wave of change with us:


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