FocusCalm commits to helping USA Bobsled/Skeleton athletes through 2026

by USA Bobsled/Skeleton

Contact: Amanda Bird, USABS Marketing and Communications Director 

(518) 354-2250,

FocusCalm commits to helping USA Bobsled/Skeleton athletes through 2026


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Lake Placid, N.Y. (June 24, 2021) – USA Bobsled/Skeleton (USABS) announced today a partnership with FocusCalm, a wearable EEG headband and mobile app that trains your brain for better focus and a calmer mind. 

“We are very excited to partner with FocusCalm as we head into the 2021-2022 season,” said Andrew Ernst, USABS High Performance Health Care Services Provider. “FocusCalm will help our athletes and staff find mindfulness in their daily lives, help them prepare for competition, and return to a recovery state after hard training. The FocusCalm app has a large variety of programs to meet our team's needs, and we look forward to growing our partnership.”


Capitalizing on the brain’s ability to change through positive reinforcement and repetition, FocusCalm provides a wide array of programs, exercises and neurofeedback games that help users learn techniques to manage their mindset, practice putting their brains into a calm and relaxed mental state and challenge their skills at maintaining a low cognitive workload during high intensity situations such as training and competition.

“We are amazed by the physical and mental skills required to compete in these sports,” said Max Newlon, President of FocusCalm. “We look forward to working closely with all the athletes and coaches of the USA Bobsled and Skeleton team to help them maximize their performance in the upcoming season and beyond.”

Please contact USABS Marketing & Communications Director Amanda Bird at 518-354-2250, or, for more information.



About FocusCalm

FocusCalm is a division of BrainCo, Inc., a brain-machine interface (BMI) technology company that’s working to solve real-world problems using the power of the mind. By leveraging our expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and neuroscience, we’re building and deploying innovative brain-based applications for personal wellness, education and prosthetics markets. Learn more at, and


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