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Team USA Wins Gold in 3 Events at the IBSF World Push Championships

by Abby Slenker



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Photo Credit: Jimmy Reed



LAKE PLACID, NEW YORK (December 11, 2022) - On December 9, the IBSF World Push Championships in Lake Placid began. 

In 2-Man Bobsled, Kristopher Horn and Adrian Adams won first with their run time of 14.94 while teammates Geoffrey Gadbois and Manteo Mitchell placed 5th with a time of 15.49. In Women’s Monobob, Kaysha Love placed 3rd with a time of 17.39 and Lauren Brzozowski placed 4th with a 17.62 finish. In Men’s Skeleton, Austin Florian placed 6th with a 3-run combined time of 14.55. Nicholas Tucker placed 8th with his combined time of 14.65 and Bradley Nicol placed 11th with a time of 10.01.

“The competition was absolutely thrilling and it was great being able to compete on the world stage again. The event was done beautifully and I hope there's more like it in the future. I'm excited to be working toward the World Cup as a pilot. Adrian, Manteo, and Martin are a relatively newer crew, but they performed exceptionally well together” Horn described when asked about his victorious weekend.

On December 10, the day kicked off with a first-place finish in Women’s Skeleton for Mystique Ro with a time of 15.37. Hallie Clarke placed 4th with a 15.78 time and Kelly Curtis placed 6th with a time of 15.90. In 2-Woman Bobsled, Riley Compton and Emily Renna placed 3rd with a time of 17.02 while teammates Nicole Vogt and Jestena Mattson placed 4th with a time of 17.23. In 4-Man Bobsled, Horn, Adams, Mitchell and Martin Christofferson took home first with a time of 14.55. Gadbois, Carsten Vissering, Quentin Willey and Darius Joseph placed 6th with a time of 15.22. 

“I was happy to have the opportunity to compete in my first ever World Cup Level Event. It’s such a different experience than I’m used to, but I’m excited to experience it again. The ice house has been an amazing tool to practice a key part of sliding, the start. The banked reps proved instrumental to producing much more consistency and efficiency” Ro elaborated about her incredible win. 

Events will continue in Lake Placid with the IBSF World Cup starting on December 16

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