Bascue leads U.S. team with bronze medal finish in European Cup season finale

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Bascue leads U.S. team with bronze medal finish in European Cup season finale


Team Bascue's bronze medal run (Photo by USA Bobsled/Skeleton)

Team Bascue at the start during their bronze medal winning run.
Photo credit: 
Bernd Erlhof/

WINTERBERG, Germany  (January 15, 2021) – Codie Bascue (Whitehall, N.Y.) teamed up with Boone Niederhofer (San Antonio, Texas), Adrian Adams (Reidsville, N.C.) and David Simon (West Melbourne, Fla.) to claim bronze in the four-man bobsled European Cup finale in Winterberg today. 

“European Cup has been fun,” Bascue said. “These past two weeks I’ve just been trying to have fun in the sport and do the best we can. To finish today with a bronze medal was a really nice cap to the trip. I am so proud of how these guys worked these past couple weeks and so happy that we got to spend some time together.”

Bascue, Niederhofer, Adams and Simon powered off the start block with the fastest start times of 5.14 seconds in both heats of today’s four-man race. Bascue threaded together the third best downtimes of 54.95 and 55.02 seconds to secure the bronze medal with a total time of 1:49.97. 

Team Germany claimed gold and silver medals for the host nation. Nico Semmler and his crew of Oliver Peschk, Marvin Paul and Rupert Schenk were victorious in 1:49.21. Richard Oeslsner teamed up with Georg Fleischhauer, Bastian Heber and Henrik Bosse for silver with a two-run total of 1:49.60.

The Germans were tough to beat in the two-man bobsled competition yesterday. Team Germany claimed the top four spots on one of their home tracks. Bascue and Adams were the closest competitors in fifth place. The duo posted start times of 5.33 and 5.29 seconds, 10th and seventh ranked of the field, for runs of 56.15 and 56.20 seconds, respectively. Bascue and Adams secured fifth place with a combined time of 1:52.35. 

Oelsner claimed the two-man gold medal with Bosse in 1:51.74. Phillip Zielasko and Henrik Proske took silver in 1:51.83, followed by Jonas Jannusch and Max Neumann in third with a combined time of 1:51.92. 

Tyler Hickey (Geneva, Ill.) and Bryce Cheek (Lewis Center, Ohio) were a mere one-hundredth of a second from the top-six. Hickey and Cheek clocked starts of 5.36 and 5.33 seconds for runs of 56.15 and 56.23 seconds, respectively. The Americans finished seventh with an aggregate time of 1:52.38. 

Geoff Gadbois (Milton, Vt.) and Manteo Mitchell (Shelby, N.C.) finished 11th with a combined time of 1:52.70.

The U.S. entered two teams into the two-woman bobsled competition, and both pilots were new to the German track. Nicole Vogt (Dallas, Texas) and Nicole Brungardt (Norfolk, Neb.) rounded out their season with a top-six finish. The pair clocked start times of 5.97 and 5.93 seconds for the seventh fastest pushes of the field. Vogt piloted the Americans to the finish in 58.67 and 58.63 seconds for a combined time of 1:57.30 to finish sixth.

Development driver Riley Compton (Carmel, Ill.) teamed with Emily Renna (Fairport, N.Y.) for seventh place with a two-run total of 1:57.60. The up-and-coming duo clocked starts of 5.91 and 5.87, fifth and fourth fastest of the field, respectively. Compton, who started the sport last year, piloted to the finish in 58.74 and 58.86 seconds.

“This was my first time in Germany and Austria and it has been amazing,” Compton said. “Members of the men’s and women’s team really stepped up to help me. Geoff Gadbois and Nicole Vogt, as veterans, took me under their wing and taught me so much. This is an experience I will never forget and I’m excited to keep growing in this sport.”

Team Germany was strong in the women’s field as well, taking gold and silver medals. Stephanie Schneider and Tamara Seer were victorious in 1:54.49. Maureen Zimmer and Anable Galander claimed silver with a total time of 1:54.62, followed by An Vannieuwenhuyse and Sara Arts from Belgium in third with a cumulative time of 1:54.71.

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Four-man bobsled

1. Nico Semmler, Oliver Peschk, Marvin Paul and Rupert Schenk (GER) 1:49.21 (54.53, 54.68);

2. Richard Oeslsner, Georg Fleischhauer, Bastian Heber and Henrik Bosse (GER) 1:49.60 (54.82, 54.78);

3. Codie Bascue, Boone Niederhofer, Adrian Adams and David Simon (USA) 1:49.97 (54.95, 55.02);

Two-man bobsled 

1. Richard Oelsner and Henrik Bosse (GER) 1:51.74 (55.88, 55.86);

2. Phillip Zielasko and Henrik Proske (GER) 1:51.83 (55.97, 55.86);

3. Jonas Jannusch and Max Neumann (GER) 1:51.92 (55.88, 56.04);

5. Codie Bascue and Adrian Adams (USA) 1:52.35 (56.15, 56.20);

7. Tyler Hickey and Bryce Cheek (USA) 1:52.38 (56.15, 56.23);

11. Geoff Gadbois and Manteo Mitchell (USA) 1:52.70 (56.22, 56.48);

Two-woman bobsled

1. Stephanie Schnieder and Tamera Seer (GER) 1:54.49 (57.12, 57.37);

2. Maureen Zimmer and Anabel Galander (GER) 1:54.62 (57.27, 57.35);

3. An Vannieuwenhuyse and Sara Aerts (BEL) 1:54.71 (57.39, 57.32);

6. Nicole Vogt and Nicole Brungardt (USA) 1:57.30 (58.67, 58.63);

7. Riley Compton and Emmily Renna (USA) 1:57.60 (58.74, 58.86);

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