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PARK CITY, UTAH (November 28, 2022) - On November 21, Team USA was represented at the North American Cup (NAC) by Bradley Nicol, Nicholas Tucker, Darryl Payne, and Andrew Whittier-Neises in Men’s Skeleton. Nicol placed 10th with a time of 1:41.06, Tucker placed 11th with a 1:41.57 time, Payne finished 13th with a 1:43.01 time, and Whittier-Neises placed 15th with a 1:44.54 finish. 

On November 22 also in Men’s Skeleton, Nicol placed 8th with a 1:40.54 time and Payne placed 13th with a 1:44.02 time. In 2-Woman Bobsled, Lauren Brzozowski and Sydney Milani placed 2nd with a 1:42.09 time. Sylvia Hoffman and Amoni Ashby placed 3rd with a 1:42.38 time. Kaysha Love and Rylie Matthews placed 4th with a 1:42.46 time and Maddy Cohen and Laura Billings placed 5th with a 1:43.72 time. In 4-Man Bobsled, Geoffrey Gadbois, Quentin Willey, Freddie Harris, and Darius Joseph placed 5th with a 1:37.77 time. Zach Snyder, Timothy Monroe, Chase Blueberg, and Charles Mangold placed 6th with a 1:42.47 finish. 

Moving on to November 23, Team Brzozowski placed 1st with their 1:43.72 finish in 2-Women Bobsled. Team Hoffman placed 3rd with a 1:44.21 time, Team Love placed 4th with a 1:44.35 time and Team Cohen placed 5th with a 1:46.46 time. Team Gadbois placed 4th in 4-Man Bobsled with a time of 1:38.31. 

Heading over to Winterberg, D.E. for the Intercontinental Cup (ICC) on November 26, Mystique Ro earned a 3rd place finish in Women’s Skeleton with a time of 1:56.36 and Michelle Toukan placed 12 with a 1:59.15 time. In Men’s Skeleton, Dan Barefoot placed 12th with a 1:54.52 time and Hunter Williams completed one out of two runs with a time of 58.79 in the first heat.

On November 27, Ro came in 6th with a 1:56.98 time, and Toukan placed 12th with a 1:59.13 time. Barefoot placed 9th with a 1:53.76 time and Williams placed 18th with a 1:55.74 time.

Looking ahead, the EC will continue in Altenberg, D.E., and Bludenz, A.T. while the NAC will continue in Lake Placid, NY.

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