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Eric Eierdam

Athlete Bio


Las Vegas, NV

HEIGHT 5'7" WEIGHT 170 lbs

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Eric Eierdam was born on Sunday, October 23, 1983 in Las Vegas, Nev. He attended the University of Las Vegas-Nevada. Eierdam has an athletic background in judo, football, wrestling and diving. 

He was asked to demonstrate the abilities of an above-knee amputee pushing, loading and properly braking in a bobsled. After 20-30 runs and feeling like his head was no better than a pinball, he was asked if he had any interest in the sport of skeleton. He had never tried, but it looked interesting to him. After seeing skeleton athletes go head first down the track on little more than a cookie sheet, he went for a run down the track and was immediately hooked. He was asked to attend a few more events and races and he started liking the sport more and more. Now, he is hoping for a chance at making the Paralympic Games in 2022. He looks forward to all the possibilities for the sport.


- He loves spending time with his wife and kids. 
- His family travels with him to nearly all events and trainings. 
- He goes cliff diving in the summer in his free time. 
- He loves to ride street bikes and go as fast as humanly possibly. 
- He works as a teamster in the convention industry. 
- He is also a network marketing professional.


  • 2015-2016 Para World Cup tour skeleton champion
  • 2015-2016 Para World Cup - SILVER in Calgary (11/15); GOLD in Park City #1 (11/15); GOLD in Park City #2 (11/15); BRONZE in Igls (1/16)
  • 2014-2015 Para World Cup tour skeleton champion
  • 2014-2015 Para World Cup - GOLD in Igls (1/15); GOLD in St. Moritz (2/15)
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