Kimber Gabryszak

    Athlete Bio


    5' 7"


    Yentna Station


    HEIGHT  5' 7"     WEIGHT  157 lbs

    Kimber Gabryszak began the sport of skeleton in 2005 after her now husband, Brad Stewart, encouraged her to give it a try since they lived so close to the Utah Olympic Park in Utah.  Gabryszak and Stewart had planned to slide recreationally in the local club, but they fell in love with the sport and decided to commit to training.

    Gabryszak raced downhill mountan bikes for the all-women pro team Velo Bellas, but she retired from bike racing in 2010 after she made the national skeleton team.  "It's hard to train for skeleton with both arms in a cast," Gabryszak said.  "Downhilling is a crazy fun but crazy dangerous sport!"

    Gabryszak, who hails from Yentna Station, Alaska and is a current resident of Park City, Utah, holds a Master's degree in City and Metropolitan Planning from the University of Utah.  She also has a Bachelor's degre in Geography and Urban Planning and three Associate's Degrees in Geography, International Studies and Mandarin Chinese.  Follow Kimber's blog at www.TeamKimber.com.

    Career Highlights:

    • 2012-2013 World Cup
      -13th in Lake Placid (11/12), 15th in Park City (11/12), 18th in La Plagne (12/12)
    • 2012-2013 Intercontinental Cup
      -GOLD in Park City #1 (12/12), GOLD in Park City #2 (12/12), 13th in Igls #1 (1/13), 12th in Igls #2 (1/13), 5th in Altenberg #1 (1/13), 11th in Altenberg #2 (1/13), 9th in Winterberg (1/13)
    • 2011-2012 World Cup
      -20th in Igls (12/11), 16th in La Plagne (12/11), 17th in Winterberg (12/11), 14th in Altenberg (1/12), 15th in Koenigssee (1/12), 7th in St. Moritz (1/12), 19th in Whistler (2/12)
    • BRONZE at 2011 National Championships
    • 20th overall in 2010-2011 World Cup
      -16th in Whistler (11/10), 16th in Calgary (12/10), 14th Park City (12/10), 15th in Lake Placid (12/10), 16th in Igls (1/11), 19th in Winterberg (1/11)
    • 2010-2011 Intercontinental Cup
       -4th in Lake Placid #1 (1/11), BRONZE in Lake Placid #2 (1/11)
    • 10th overall in 2009-2010 Intercontinental Cup
      -19th in Winterberg #1 (11/09), 17th in Winterberg #2 (11/09), 12th in Konigssee (12/09), 10th in Lake Placid (1/10), 16th in Calgary (1/10), 18th in Calgary (1/10), 8th in Park City (1/10), 17th in Cesana (12/09)
    • 29th overall in 2008-2009 Intercontinental Cup
      -24th in Cesana IC #1 (1/23), 23rd in Cesana IC #2 (1/24), 18th in Igls (2/1), 21st in Konigssee (2/7)
    • 14th overall in 2008-2009 European Cup
      -8th in Altenberg EC #1 (12/12), 11th in Altenberg EC #2 (12/13), 8th in Igls EC #1 (12/20), 14th in Igls EC #2 (12/20), 8th in Igls EC #3 (12/21)
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