The Athlete Future Foundation partners with USA Bobsled/Skeleton to assist its athletes with off-ice career development

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The Athlete Future Foundation partners with USA Bobsled/Skeleton to assist its athletes with off-ice career development


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Lake Placid, N.Y. (April 13, 2021)– USA Bobsled/Skeleton (USABS) is excited to announce today a partnership with the Athlete Future Foundation, a team composed of business students that provide free review of resumes, cover letters, applications, as well as provide help in sourcing recommendation letters. The services will be offered to all current and former USABS athletes.

“USABS is committed to supporting athletes on and off the ice,” said USABS CEO Aron McGuire. “We recognize that many athletes are working on their professional careers while training and competing, or are entering the workforce after their athletic careers in the sports of bobsled and skeleton. By partnering with the Athlete Future Foundation, we are excited to offer a range of career services to current and alumni athletes to support their personal success.”

The business students that make up the Athlete Future Foundation come from schools such as Boston University and the University of Utah, and are extremely well-versed in professional writing and communication. The organization is also able to provide long-term career counseling for athletes who wish to engage in a deeper relationship with the Athlete Future Foundation team members. These services are conducted exclusively one-on-one to ensure the utmost quality and personalization of their services for the athletes. 

“Empowering and seeing athletes succeed makes me happy and keeps me motivated to help more athletes,” said Athlete Future Foundation Co-founder and President Bente Backer.

Many of the students that are involved in the Athlete Future Foundation aspire to pursue careers in fields such as investment banking, management consulting, etc. Students that offer their time to the Athlete Future Foundation provides the students with an opportunity to serve and benefit an extraordinary clientele of elite athletes, which the foundation considers a “win-win!”

The Athlete Future Foundation’s goal is to make their services known and available to all athletes pursuing an Olympic sport. Athletes interested in learning more about the services can visit, and can contact USABS Marketing & Communications Director Amanda Bird at 518-354-2250, or, for more information.


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About Athlete Future Foundation

The Athlete Future Foundation is a student-run non-profit organization with the goal of providing free career guidance services to Olympic athletes. Our most notable work has been with the US Speedskating, where we have been able to help many national level athletes and coaches with their resumes/cover letters.


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