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    Height: 5'8"   Weight: 180 lb.
    JennaBree Tollestrup-Brown began the sport of bobsled in Oct. 2010 during team selection races after attending a summer recruiting event.  Tollestrup-Brown always found bobsledding to be "amazing," but she wasn't a fan of snow and gave up sports in 2008 "with the mindset that I was done for good."  Watching the 2010 Winter Olympic Games changed her mind.  With a varied athletic background and a concentration on track and field, Tollestrup-Brown was a natural fit for the powerful sport of bobsled.
    About me:
    Tollestrup-Brown attended Bringham Young University and the Utah College of Massage Therapy.  She says she has the "best family," the middle child of seven adopted children, and is Fijan.  Tollestrup-Brown is married and is looking forward to having her own children one day.
    Career Highlights:
    • 2010-2011 World Cup as brakeman for Elana Meyers
      -9th in Winterberg (1/11) 
    • 2010-2011 America's Cup as brakeman for Jamie Greubel and Jazmine Fenlator
      -5th in Park City #1 (11/10), 5th in Park City #2 (11/10)
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