Eric Bernotas

Eric Bernotas

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    HEIGHT 5'11"

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    • 2006 Olympic Winter Games - sixth
    • 2010 Olympic Winter Games - 14th with a total time of 3:33.27


    • 2010-2011 World Cup
      -15th in Whistler (11/10), 14th in Calgary (12/10), 16th in Park City (12/10), 12th in Lake Placid (12/10)
    • 9th overall in 2009-2010 World Cup
      -6th in Park City (11/09), 5th in Lake Placid (11/09), 9th in Cesana (12/09), 7th in Winterberg (12/09), 14th in Altenberg (12/09), 13th in Konigssee (1/10), GOLD in Igls (1/10), 13th in Igls (1/10)
    • 10th overall in 2008-2009 World Cup 
      -7th in Winterberg (11/08), 14th in Altenberg (12/08), 11th in Igls (12/08), 15th in Konigssee (1/09), 5th in St. Moritz (1/09), 21st in Whistler (2/09), SILVER in Park City #1 (2/09), 5th in Park City #2 (2/09), 7th at 2009 World Championships in Lake Placid      
    • 4th overall in 2007-2008 World Cup 
      -5th in Calgary (11/07), SILVER in Park City (12/07), GOLD in Lake Placid (12/07), 8th in Cesana #1 (1/08), BRONZE in Cesana #2 (1/08), BRONZE in St. Moritz (1/08), 18th in Königssee (2/08), 5th in Winterberg (2/08), 12th in World Championships in Altenberg, Germany (2/08)
    • 2nd overall in 2006-2007 World Cup-11th in Calgary (11/06), 6th in Park City  (12/06), 3rd in Lake Placid (12/06), GOLD in Nagano (01/07), 7th in Igls (01/07), SILVER in Cesana Pariol (02/07), 6th in Winterberg (02/07), SILVER at World Championships in St.  Moritz, Switzerland (01/07)
    • 3rd overall in 2005-2006 World Cup 
      -6th in Calgary (11/05), GOLD in Lake Placid (11/05), 11th in Igls (11/05), 4th in Sigulda (12/05), 21st in Königssee (01/06), 5th in St. Moritz (01/06), 5th in Altenberg (01/06)
    • 6th overall in 2004-2005 World Cup 
      -11th in Winterberg (11/04), 8th in Alterberg (12/04), 8th in Igls (12/04), 10th in Sigulda (12/04), 7th in Cesana Pariol (01/05), SILVER in St. Moritz (01/05), GOLD in Lake Placid (02/05), 8th at World Championships in Calgary, Canada (02/05)
    • 19th overall in 2003-2004 America's Cup 
      -5th in Calgary (12/03)
    • 1st overall at 2003-2004 National Championships -03/04-set a Lake Placid track record
    • 14th overall in 2002-2003 America's Cup 
      -11th in Calgary (12/02), 10th in Park City (12/02), 9th at National Championships (03/03) 


    After taking a wrong turn while on a road trip with a friend in 2001, Bernotas stumbled upon the bobsled track in Lake Placid, N.Y., and immediately became enthralled with the sport of skeleton. He graduated from West Virginia University in 1994.  Eric's strategy is to: "Use all my resources. Plan the work. Work the plan. Feel it. See it. Believe it. Do it."

    DID YOU KNOW...?

    • Began the sport of bobsled after spotting the bobsled track in Lake Placid while on a road trip
    • Has battled and overcome depression, alcoholism and Tourettes Syndrome
    • Was a departmental studies major at West Virginia University

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