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Kristina Hull

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    Colorado Springs

    Height: 5'11" Weight: 154 lbs.
    Kristina Hull has always dreamed of competing in an Olympic sport.  A co-worker at Louisiana State University (LSU)  mentioned the sport of skeleton of skeleton to her, and she was immediately interested.  "He put me in contact with the right people and here I am today, blessed and thankful," Hull said.  She said her ulterior motive for getting involved is to meet Bob Costas.

    Hiull played softball at Georgia Tech from 2003-2007 where she graduated with her bachelors before becoming a strength and conditioning graduate assistant at LSU until 2010.  Hull has her master's degree in kinesiology from LSU.  She loved to play any sport and pretending she's "an awesome interior designer by watching HGTV."  Hull is the daughter of Mitch and Peggy Hull and has a sister, Courtney, and a brother, Calyn.
    Career Highlights:
    • 2013 National Championships - 10th in Lake Placid (3/13)
        • 2012-2013 North American Cup
          -14th in Calgary #2 (11/12)
        • 2010-2011 America's Cup
          -10th in Lake Placid (1/11), 10th in Lake Placid (1/11), 11th in Calgary (1/11), 11th in Calgary (1/11) 

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